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Swords, Spades, Scones and Sheep

On a family Farm, high in the North Antrim Hills, experience traditional Irish hospitality and experiential tourism with the McKinley Family.

Let them recount stories of the battles of local Irish clans, tell you about the area’s strong Scots-Irish connections, let you participate in the age old skill of peat cutting and the ancient gaelic sport of hurling. Meet their horses and sheep and perhaps watch Sheba, a collie and their Irish sheepdog, at work as you take in the panoramic views over 60 miles and 5 counties of Ireland.

From £25pps


Language and Traditional Music Workshop

Learn a few words and phrases in our native Irish tongue, hear how our local dialect has been shaped by our Scottish neighbours, marvel as our expert musicians demonstrate some of our traditional and more obscure instruments and try out the Tin Whistle the Bodhran and other gaelic instruments for yourself.

This is a truly immersive and interactive experience which includes tea/coffee and scones and can last for 1-2hrs, depending on what suits your group.

From £25pps

Scots / Irish Geneology Workshop

Learn about your Irish family name, its origins, your family crests, Scots/Irish links and research tools you can use to continue your search when you leave.

Our experts will take the family names which have Irish links and crests of the group and use their knowledge, their grasp of history and the Gaeilge language to help you find out more about your name and its connection to our land. This immersive and interactive experience is a fantastic way for visitors to strengthen their bond with the land they are travelling through.

The workshop includes homemade tea/coffee and scones and can last for 1-2hrs, depending on what suits your group.

From £25pps

Traditional Skills and Craft Workshop

Our traditional skills crafts workshop takes you back in time to learn about and try for out for yourself, our ancient crafts of turf cutting, St Brigid’s cross making blacksmithing, bread baking, sheepdog herding and perhaps horse riding for the adventurous! Head to the bog with a member of the McKinley family to cut turf, or peat as it is commonly known, using the old peat spade and barrow.

Hear the stories of one of our patron saints, St Brigid, and learn how to weave a St Brigid’s cross using reeds and rushes that you can take home. Marvel as the centre’s blacksmith puts shoes on our ancient breed of horse, just like our ancestors have done for generations and if you’re lucky, you may get a lucky Irish horse shoe to help you on your way.

Tea/Coffee and homemade scones are included in the price and the workshop can last for 1-2hrs, depending on what suits your group.


From £30pps

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