About Us

We are a family run tourism Centre and Experience Provider situated right between Belfast and Derry, on the iconic Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland. Our focus is to provide Authentic Irish Tourism experiences.

We have discovered that successful tourism is very simple. We realised that it was not just about seeing famous sights, visiting the best exhibitions and staying in luxury hotels but more importantly it about experiencing authentic culture and meeting and interacting with local people. We have used our knowledge and expertise to create our own brand of tourism based on:

  1. Good personal Interaction
  2. Traditional hospitality
  3. Experiential tourism
  4. Immersive experiences in the local community and culture

The hallmark of our brand is that people will develop strong bonds with their hosts, the people they meet and the land they are travelling through.
They may come as visitors but leave with a strong sense of connection to Northern Ireland and its people.

Why Northern Ireland is perfect for our brand

During the Troubles NI missed out on the growth of Irish Tourism but today, 20 years on, and with political stability this is an emerging market. However, at present NI only receives 20 % of the visitors to Ireland so here is an area of Ireland almost unspoilt and uncommercialised which results in a much more authentic and genuine experience for visitors who can experience the true and natural culture of the place and the people.

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