Welcome to the Causeway Coast Discovery Center

Authentic Irish Tourism Experiences

Who we are?

We offer authentic experiential tourism, based on Irish Culture, heritage and folklore, that is designed to help our guests connect with the people and land they are travelling through. We offer experiences at our Center and on the Causeway Coast.

We also run Sheans Horse Farm and Equestrian Center, rated by TripAdvisor as one of the top horse riding centers in Ireland.

Experiences at our Centre

Delve into one of our immersive and interactive workshops on our language, dancing, traditional music, genealogy and traditional crafts or explore the clan history of the North Coast in the 16th century with our award-winning experience

Experiences on the Coast

We offer a range of unique experiences on Ireland’s Causeway Coast, not available anywhere else in Ireland. These experiences are designed to bring your onward journey to life and help you to connect further with the people and the place you are travelling through.

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