Rathlin Island Experience

For those visiting the North Coast of Ireland for the first time, Rathlin Island is a beautiful sight and embarking on a trip to this Island makes for a wonderful day.

Let CCDC take responsibility for you or your client, booking their boat trip, island transport, food, hospitality and creating their itinerary.

With a private chartered boat we will cross the Rathlin Sound and take a trip around the Island, hearing local stories of smuggling, heroism and folklore before landing at Church Bay and disembarking from your boat. After bidding farewell to the crew, you begin an adventure on a unique island.

Let a member of the local community host you or your clients as their guests to discover some of the history, heritage and tourism features of this gem.
Hear about the lives, hopes and aspirations of generation of previous Rathlin Island inhabitants and the challenges faced by the present generation from the Island community members themselves.

  • Discover the locations and tales of shipwrecks and the 1985 rescue of Richard Branson’s balloon,
  • The fishing and diving opportunities,
  • Visit Rathlin bird sanctuary recognised as one of the most important ornithological sites in Ireland,
  • See some of natures population of seals, dolphins or the elusive Rathlin Golden Hare,
  • Enjoy walking trails with terrific photography opportunities,
  • Visit the Island’s famed ‘upside down’ lighthouse, dubbed The Bull, which holds a prestigious place as one of Ireland’s 11 Great Lighthouses.
  • Visit the centre with its memorabilia from shipwrecks and the island’s turbulent history.

After a day of intrepid exploration, return with your host to Church bay, the Island village, for a meal and some hospitality in the local pub.
With only a single pub on the Island you can rest assured that you will be in the social hotspot, able to mingle with the locals themselves. This will be an authentic experience of an Irish island community and you can hear the local stories, which have regaled visitors for generations, and listen to their craic while providing some of your own in return.

If you are interested in learning more about our ‘Guided Rathlin Island Experience
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