Period Costume and Photo Session at Dunluce Castle

Local knowledge of the Causeway coast resulted in The Spanish Armada treasure ship the Girona being discovered off Dunluce Castle in 1978. Our tour guide comes from a family who can trace their roots back on the Causeway Coast for generations, and as fishermen their knowledge and stories past down over the years were instrumental in locating the wreck.
Dressed in period costume let him tell you some of the exciting stories in the history of this promontory castle and its inhabitants over the years, such as The Mc Quillan clan, the Elopement tragedy, the story of The Great Mc Donnell chieftain Sorley Boy Mc Donnell and the strong Scots Irish connections.
Get dressed up and photographed in costumes of the period and become the gentry of the castle, viewing your domain widely, recognised in the 17th century as one of the finest residences, regardin
g elegance grandeur and décor in the British Isles. Dunliuce Castle competed with the finest that London had to offer courtesy of the the treasure salvaged from the Spanish galleon The Girona in 1585 and the discerning tastes of Lady Mc Donnell of London birth.
As all of the well bred and members of high society would have, finish of the Dunluce experience with a sumptuous afternoon tea in the Dunluce tearoom.

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