Ireland’s Most Authentic Cultural Experience


Experience Ireland on a whole new and deeper level. Don’t just visit Ireland, live the Irish experience.

What’s on Offer?

World Champion Loughgiel School of Irish Dancing invite you to spend the weekend with them and their families as guests of their community.
Taking experiential tourism to a whole new level, this weekend will give your group an opportunity to experience life in a rural Irish village as their guests. Engage with the local people, immerse yourself in the culture, master some of our traditional skills, indulge in the passion for our sports, relive our vibrant history, delve into our ancient folklore and become a part of the community.


About the Community:

Loughgiel, a village nestled in the Glens of Antrim – the cultural hub of the Causeway Coastal Route, epitomises authentic Irish life where modern life blends in with a deep rooted and vibrant culture along with rich Irish tradition. This is a proud village which boasts some of the finest Irish dancers in the world, athletes who have been crowned hurling champions of Ireland in our native Irish sport, talented musicians whose skills have been passed down through the generations and a community whose sense of pride and homely welcome make it a place where Irish life is at its purest.

Key aspects of the trip:

  1. Stay with local people and become a part of the community. (Other forms of accommodation can also be arranged)
  1. Irish dance

The art of Irish dancing dates back centuries and is full of intricate skills so take the opportunity to learn from the best. The village’s Irish dancers have been crowned Irish and world champions and continue to provide some of the most electric and fast paced performances the land has to offer. Join them and their families for a world class exhibition, followed by a social evening of entertainment and learn to Ceilidh dance!

  1. Traditional music

Ireland is famous for her traditional music and instruments. The trip can include lessons on instruments of your choice. But take this experience further and watch local craftsmen make the instruments. These skills cannot be learned from a textbook or mastered through YouTube tutorials. This craftsmanship has been passed down through generations so take the opportunity to learn some of these skills and try your hand at bodhrán making.

  1. Evening entertainment

The pub is at the heart of all Irish villages. Meet the locals, listen to their stories and immerse yourself in the simplest Irish experience. The homely welcome, the peat fire, the pints of Guinness, the traditional music, the dancing and of course the craic make for an enriching and unforgettable evening.

  1. Native sports

Hurling is the fastest field game in the world. The speed, skill and bravery required to play the game makes for entertaining viewing and even more fun to play. Let our local All-Ireland champions who have played on the national stage, take you through the basics and teach the skills of hurling which is a major part of Irish folklore and history.

Visit the Scullion Hurls ÉCONOMUSÉE where you will receive a warm welcome from the Scullion Family. Watch as Michael & Denis take time to make a Hurling Stick focusing on quality and finally hand finishing the hurling stick before you explore the exhibition centre to learn the history of hurling.

  1. Local attractions

Take in the local history of the area you will be staying in, including a look into a time when Ireland was ruled by different clans. Hear how two of these famous clans fought for dominance of the land around Loughgiel and view the battle site of this epic encounter. At the Causeway Coast Discovery Centre, enjoy tea, coffee and homemade scones in the Loft above the stables and let the interpretive centre, audio visual presentation and story-telling help you discover the history and epic stories of the people who lived on the Causeway Coastal Route. Discover the locations of the dramas and magnificent scenery of the Causeway Coastal Route and say ‘hello’ to the team of traditional Irish horses. Take the bus to the hill top to view an ancient battle site and hear its epic story. Learn to cut turf (peat) and take in the panoramic views over 5 counties before returning to the centre to meet the Irish horses.  Stroll through the interpretive centre and discover The Causeway Coastal Route’s pre- plantation links with Scotland, St Patrick and the ancient Kingdom of Dalriada.
Visit the hidden mass rocks used to celebrate mass secretly outdoors during times of religious persecution. Take in the crash site of an American Flying Fortress WW2 bomber and view the lake and manor house which housed German soldiers during the Great War. Gain an insight into how the village of Loughgiel and the surrounding area was affected by the troubles and immerse yourself in the everyday life of the people.

  1. Gaelic language

Learn a few words in our native Irish tongue from our passionate Irish speakers.

  1. Irish myths and legends

Folklore is a massive part of Irish tradition and stories are passed down from generation to generation. Let our local story tellers spark your imaginations as you hear the tales of Cuchulian, Fionn MacCumhaill, Finvola of the Roe and the Brown bull of Cooley.


The trip can be tailored to meet the age, backgrounds, interests and expectations of your group and is based on authentic experiences, local hospitality and a traditional welcome. The skills learned, the experiences had and the people you meet make for an unforgettable trip which goes beyond the generic tourism experience.

Minimum 10 per group. Offer available on weekends only.  For further information please contact us.