Gaelic Games – Guided Hurling Experience

Enhance your trip to Ireland by letting a CCDC guide host you on a trip to see a local, or inter-county hurling match in the village of Loughguile. Loughguile is a rural village nestled in the heart of the North Antrim, and hurling is the life blood of this small community.

Here with your host, mix ,mingle and meet the local supporters all “alleged” expert in the rules and skills of the game very willing to impart their knowledge to a new spectator; feel their passion, follow the sway of the game and meet the players after the match. Why not join them for lunch and discuss the commitment needed to excel at this fast sport, these are some of Ireland’s finest young athlete’s playing an amateur sport at a professional level. After lunch let them give you some coaching, feel the “clash of the ash” and get videoed using the hurley stick and practising the skills of this ancient sport.

In conjunction with your visit to the hurling match visit a hurling stick craftsman who designs and creates the hurls used in the famed ‘clash of the ash’.

Scullion Hurls is an Économusée or working museum producing fine hurls. Local craftsman Micheal Scullion will display the traditional craft of hurley making where he will make a hurl or ‘caman’ in the style of an early 1900’s hurl using hand tools that would likely have been used during that time period.

Participants will be welcomed into the workshop and given a brief historical presentation on the history & origins of the ancient Irish sport of hurling and the craft of Hurley Making as well as the story of how the Scullion Family became involved in this ancient craft. Have a Hurley stick sent home to you as a souvenir of a truly unique and memorable Irish sporting experience.

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