Culture and History Tour

Inspired by the heroic dramas of Sorley Boy, the amount of immense skill needed to build these coastal communities and the sheer beauty of this land we felt compelled to create a visitor experience that could define and deliver the essence of the Causeway Coast.


At the Causeway Coast Discovery Centre we entertain, excite and educate you through a combination of activities loosely grouped into  3 themes, Work, Play and War!


All activities are safe, fun and provide an insight into living the ‘Glens’ way by letting you try your hand at our skills and actually living a bit of life” on the Causeway Coast.


A highly popular visit is our award-winning Culture and Heritage tour.

This focusses on the epic life story of the Great McDonnell Chieftain, Sorley Boy McDonnell, who fought one of the most cunning ‘David and Goliath’ style victories here in the hills above the centre.


On arrival at the Causeway Coast Discovery Centre your host will greet you on the bus before inviting you inside and over a cup of tea and one of Mary’s delicious scones your host will tell you stories about the fascinating life of Sorley Boy using illustrations taken from the walls of the last clan Castle in Glenarm.


We’ll then take the bus off road for about a mile up into the North Antrim Hills. While the remoteness of this vast expanse stirs your soul your host will show you where the Battle of Aura was fought and point out other key features visible in the 5 counties stretched out before you.


On our way back down the hill you’ll stop to help the Turf Cutters as they work their ancient craft cutting the peat – the fuel used by generations of Irish famillies.


Surrounded by  the rich smell of the peat fire you can look down on one of St Patrick’s earliest monasteries and hear of his missionary work in this region.


Back at the centre you can view our interpretive display with its rich information on the discoveries awaiting you around the coast. Or we can take you to meet our friendly team of Irish Gypsy Cob horses with their peculiar hairy feet.


And so, now that you have been fully primed for a north coast adventure you’ll say goodbye to the friendly team at the Causeway Coast Discovery Centre and head off to make your own history.


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