Activities for groups or individuals at the Causeway Coast Discovery Centre

Discover the Stories of the Causeway Coast

We welcome you to the Causeway Coast Discovery Centre with a Traditional Irish Farmhouse welcome including tea and scones.

The Causeway Coast Discovery Centre gives visitors an opportunity to get an insight into some of the history and heritage of the Causeway Coast while meeting local people and experiencing authentic traditional hospitality and good personal interaction.

As you enjoy tea/coffee and homemade scones, you will get an immersive insight into some of the history and heritage of the Causeway Coastal Route.

  • Hear about the area close connections with Scotland and the meaning of being Scots Irish.
  • Discuss your family name, its origins and maybe discover your roots.
  • Listen to an informative audio-visual presentation covering some of the history of the Causeway Coast when it was controlled by the  Mc Donnell Clan in the 16th century.
  • Visit a local battle site high in the heather clad Antrim Hills with panoramic views up to 60 miles and over 5 counties of Ireland.
  • Cut turf on the mountainside with the old traditional peat spade, smell distinctive aroma the of the burning turf and the fragrance of the wild heather.
  • Learn about St Patrick’s footprint on the North Coast,
  • Meet and hear about the farm’s Gypsy cob horses and sheep.
  • Take the opportunity to get photographed dressed up in GOT costumes with swords and armour.
  • Visit our centre which provides an insight into the monuments and Castles of the coast which your clients might see on their onwards journey

This visit transforms a standard Sightseeing tour of the Causeway Coastal Route by bringing this area to life and allowing visitors to connect with the history, heritage and people of the land they are passing through.

It is the time spent meeting a local family, the traditional hospitality and the genuine warmth of your hosts which sets this experience apart and has secured it an Irish Tourism Award for four consecutive years.

Suitable for groups or individuals.Duration: 2 hrs
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Game of Thrones Immersive Experiences.

Through our partners at the exclusive Northern Ireland Premier Tours we are able to offer you a Game of Thrones* Experience unlike any other

Go horse riding at the Causeway Coast Discovery Centre, then choose your GOT costumes armour, sword  and accessories and  we will transport you to the Dark Hedges and have you travelling the King’s Road on horseback, with a sword at your side! All within a short hop from the Causeway Coast Discovery Centre.


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* This tour is independently operated by the Causeway Coast Discovery Centre. It is not sponsored by and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with HBO.

Glenarm Village

Have our knowledgeable local guide, or Hector McDonnell, youngest son of the 13th Earl of Antrim, and who grew up in Glenarm Castle itself, give you a guided tour of the uniquely interesting and quaint coastal village of Glenarm with its 17th century castle and estate, jewellery, silver and goldsmith’s workshops, beautiful marina and harbour.

These guided walks and tours will reveal Glenarm’s rich history, heritage and archaeology and you can finish with lunch in Glenarm Castle’s garden Tea Room.


Irish Coastal Horse Riding

The Causeway Coast’s awe inspiring, precipitous, cliff faces, and serene beaches, contrasted with the epic backdrop of the tumultuous Irish Sea, makes for one of the finest coastal riding experiences in the world.
Bespoke Equestrian Ireland offers a distinctive mix of locations and trail styles–there is nothing comparable anywhere in Ireland.
You’ll visit places accessible only by horseback, guided by native storytellers; BEI treks provide culturally unique, once-in-a lifetime, rides!

Gaelic Games – Guided Hurling Experience

Enhance your trip to Ireland by letting a CCDC guide host you on a trip to see a local, or inter-county hurling match in the village of Loughguile. Loughguile is a rural village nestled in the heart of the North Antrim, and hurling is the life blood of this small community.
Here with your host, mix ,mingle and meet the local supporters all “alleged” experts in the rules.

Meet the players, join them for lunch and let them put you through your paces with a hurling session of your very own.


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Irish Livestock Market Experience

An authentic immersion into a local livestock market; this is an unparalleled experience of Ireland’s intimate relationship with agriculture.
The livestock market is renowned for being a bustling, lively affair; a hub of commercial activity and a key social feature of rural Irish communities. Tour a local farm, meet real farmers and hear stories passed down for generations before heading to the livestock market, to see farmers bidding for top cattle or sheep, and enjoy some hearty Irish fare.


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Ireland’s Most Authentic Cultural Experience

What’s on Offer?

World Champion Loughgiel School of Irish Dancing invite your group to spend the weekend with them and their families as guests of their community. Staying with families or in local accommodation.
Taking experiential tourism to a whole new level, this weekend will give your group an opportunity to experience life in a rural Irish village as their guests. Engage with the local people, immerse yourself in the culture, master some of our traditional skills, indulge in the passion for our sports, relive our vibrant history, delve into our ancient folklore and become a part of the community.

Read More about Loughgiel School of Irish Dance

Horse Riding Activities

Our pride is in our horses and we can offer equine experiences like no other, for beginners through to expert riders here at the Causeway Coast Discovery Centre using Sheans Horse Farm.

  • Lessons
  • Trekking
  • Trail Riding
  • Hacking
  • 1/2 Day Picnic Ride out in the North Antrim Hills.
  • Full Day Ride out in the North Antrim Hills

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Cost From: £20 pp

Period Costume and Photo Session at Dunluce Castle

Take a step back in time to learn the tumultuous history of Dunluce Castle, dressing in fine authentic garments from the castle’s era with brilliant photo opportunities.

At the castle, a sumptuous afternoon tea and breathtaking views of Scotland, Donegal the Skerry Islands await.

Escorted by a renowned local guide in full period costume, you’ll hear fascinating tales of the MacQuillans, MacDonnells, the castle’s unfortunate demise, the sunken treasure ship and more.


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Rathlin Island Experience

Let CCDC take responsibility for you or your client, booking their boat trip, island transport, food, hospitality and creating their itinerary. With a private chartered boat we will cross the Rathlin Sound and take a trip around the Island, hearing local stories of smuggling, heroism and folklore before landing at Church Bay and disembarking from your boat. After bidding farewell to the crew, you begin an adventure on a unique island.

Hosting one of Ireland’s greatest bird sanctuaries, the chance to spot killer whales or dolphins off the coast, beautiful idyllic walking trails, shipwreck diving, iconic lighthouses, a vibrant history and colourful arts scene, Rathlin is a haven for those with all manner of interests.

With a tiny, unique, local population and a quaint Irish village with a single pub and shop on the Island, Rathlin is a great place to spend a day or more!


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Unique Giant’s Causeway Experience

Our Causeway Coast Discovery Centre Guide, while dressing in the Causeway tartan gentleman’s attire, helps to bring alive the history and heritage of the Causeway coast.

Experience the mythology of Finn Mc Cool and the Giant Albanazer, the stories of the Spanish Armada’s Galleons, their treasure trove and the heroism of Captain Francisco de Cuellar and learn of the Causeway Coast’s maritime connections with the American civil war

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Discover the Arts of the Causeway Coast.

We welcome you to the Causeway Coast Discovery Centre with a Traditional Irish Farmhouse welcome including tea and scones.

To immediately break the ice we will have a go at speaking some of the different language and dialect such as Ulster Scots and Gaelic spoken throughout the Causeway Coastal Route.
There is also the opportunity for us to play the tin whistle and then find out what a Céilidh Dance is! From rushes or reeds we can weave a St Brigid’s Cross or Celtic Knot which you’ll be able to take with you as reminder of your time here with us.

An Evening of History with the Right Hon. Hector McDonnell

Historian, author, world-famous realist painter and descendent of one the most distinguished families on the north coast.

The youngest son of the thirteenth Earl and Countess of Antrim, Mr. McDonnell grew up in Glenarm Castle before leaving to study history at Eton and Oxford.

Spend an evening with this fascinating storyteller and historian, learning about the McQuillan and McDonnell history, Dunluce Castle and the notorious Sorley Boy MacDonnell.


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Premier Northern Irish Angling

Let one of our experienced fishing guides introduce you to the wide range of Game species on offer, including Salmon, Grilse, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Dollaghan, Gillaroo and Sonaghan, hundreds of miles of river, large and small freshwater lakes and sea loughs.

Anglers will have a wide choice of venues found across  renowned locations in NI from the Lower  and Upper Bann systems, Lakes of Fermanagh to the rivers of the Causeway Coast.


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Exhibition and evening’s entertainment with the World Champion School of Irish Dancing

When staying over on the Causeway Coastal Route spend an evening with the World Champion Loughgiel School of Irish Dance. After dinner, join them and their families for a world class exhibition followed by a social evening of entertainment and learning to Ceilidh dance as guests of their community.

Read More about Loughgiel School of Irish Dance

Discover Farming Life on the Causeway Coast

From finding fuel for the fire in the bogs to farm skills, roll up our sleeves and with both hands discover what life was really like in rural  Ireland.

Collect the eggs, feed the hens, milk the cow, churn the butter before cutting the turf and lighting the fire to bake your own hearty Irish loaf of bread.

While your bread is baking, it’s time to tend to the animals. Herd your flock of sheep into the sheep pens, learn some shepherding skills before moving onto attend to the farms most prized possessions, the horse and the cow. Try your hand at grooming and tacking the horse before feeding the farms most important residents.

After working up an appetite, back to the kitchen and enjoy your own freshly baked bread.

Ballycastle Food Tour


Voted the Best Place to Live in Northern Ireland in 2016 by The Sunday Times it is no suprise that we consider it one of the best places to eat here in the North as well. Ballycastle’s rural and seaside location allows it to source the freshest seafood and meats available from local supplies.

With delicacies such as dulse and yellow man for which the town is famed, and a host of locally brewed unique beers and ciders, the town is a must visit for foodies, gastronomes and all who would like to enjoy some delectable fare in a beautiful, seaside Irish town.

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Bespoke Activity Days

For your group we can create a schedule of activities that meets your needs.

Tell us how long you have and how adventurous your team is and we will happily suggest a program designed to provide the best experience for you.

We excel in creating an itinerary to satisfy individual group’s needs. Talk to our friendly team today and together we can ensure that your tour is unforgettable.

Activity Options

    • Gold Panning
    • Bridge Building
    • Rope Making
    • Horse Care
    • Bread baking
    • Sword fighting
    • Archery
    • Céilí Dancing
    • Horse Riding
    • Cow Milking
    • Hen Catching
    • Wellie Throwing
    • Bog Jumping
    • Team Based Games
    • Gaelic Language
    • St Brigids cross making
    • Gaelic Sports
    • Bodhrán playing